1. Are you qualified to provide me with an official appraisal?
    Yes. All of our professional appraisers are licensed by New York State to provide certified residential appraisals. We only have experienced appraisers with in-depth knowledge of the areas in which they perform home appraisals.
  2. Is the appraisal report you provide going to be acceptable for my purposes?
    Yes. We provide detailed and comprehensive professional appraisal reports for a wide variety of clients and purposes
    Our certified appraisal reports are relied upon and accepted by New York State Courts, financial institutions, local, state and federal tax agencies, Medicaid, attorneys, accountants, real estate professionals, as well as individual homeowners like yourself.
  3. What is the appraisal based on?
    With regard to single-family and multi-family homes as well as condo or co-op homes, an appraisal is primarily based on recent sales of similar nearby properties with broadly similar physical characteristics.
  4. Does the appraisal take into account the condition of my home?
    Yes of course. The condition of your home is an important factor in the appraisal process. That's why the first step of an appraisal is the property inspection. During the property inspection, the appraiser will note details about the condition of your home, inside and out, and rely on that data as the basis for comparison for the rest of the appraisal process.
  5. How long does the appraisal take?
    Scheduling the appointment - It only takes a couple of minutes to schedule the appointment. We can usually accommodate your request for almost any day of the week and time provided you call us at least 2 or 3 days in advance.
    (We also offer a rush appraisal, for those who are up against a deadline. Just let us know when you call to schedule your appointment - we'll make sure you have the fully certified report before your deadline).
    Completing the property inspection - Once you schedule an appointment for the appraisal, the next step is for the appraiser to visit your property to complete a brief inspection. This can be speed up by making sure we have a good contact number for the person who will be available at the property. The actual onsite inspection only takes about 30 minutes.
    Delivery of the written appraisal report - After the property inspection is complete, the appraiser will begin second half of the process - research and analysis followed by the completion of a comprehensive written appraisal report. You'll receive the written appraisal report within just a few days of the property inspection.
  6. How long is the appraisal good for?
    It depends on a number of factors. Depending on market conditions in the area where your property is located, an appraisal is usually valid and accurate for at least a couple of months from the date the appraisal is done.

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