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Welcome and thank you for your interest in Connect Appraisal! We're here to assist professionals navigate the process of valuation and appraisal logistics in the 21st century. As a lender, you can trust in Connect Appraisals' organizational systems that combine the latest technology with a personal touch. Our mission is to cultivate and maintain transparent relationships by delivering the most accurate and complaint appraisal reports.

Connect Appraisal has access to an extensive network of over 20,000 industry experts that are cognizant of the latest appraisal developments and trends. With the valuation process consistently evolving, we guarantee our knowledge remains up to the minute to ensure innovative, quality regulatory compliance to meet the standards of you: the Client. Let Connect Appraisal handle the intricacies of appraisal management so you can focus your resources elsewhere.

Why partner with Connect Appraisal? For over 20 years, we have set industry standards for professional reporting with noteworthy turnaround time. We pride ourselves on three major principles: transparency, quality, and consistency.

We believe in building strong relationships with all of our clients, by using a proactive approach in regards to Appraisal Management. Our vision is to relieve our clients of the burdens of Appraisal management by using the newest technology, and finding the most competent, effective appraisers that the industry has to offer.

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